Bonneville Speed Week 2012 Record Holder

146.6mph / 235.9kph

Top official recorded speed: 156mph / 251kph average over mile 3.

Driver: Nelson Hartley

CLASS: I/BGCC (under 1000cc turbo or supercharged petrol competition coupe)

BODY: 1964 Mk1 Mini Cooper. External changes were minimal – a new grille was made to duct air into the intercooler, one front indicator became a duct for driver ventilation, a vertical front airdam was added and the underside of the Mini was clad in aluminium sheet to improve airflow.

ENGINE: A-Series 970 Cooper S engine with BMW K1200 motorcycle cylinder head, four-bolt main bearing caps, crankshaft designed by Heritage Garage and Marine Crankshaft, Specialist Components con rods, Ross forged pistons,
7.5:1 compression ratio with up to 18 psi boost via an intercooled IHI turbo. Full engine management. 9000 max rpm.
In 2012 we had 286hp on pump fuel and 328hp on methanol.
In 2016 we have approximately 330hp on pump fuel and 370hp on methanol.
Standard fuel tank but uprated fuel filter and pumps.
Radiator replaced with ice cooled water tank in passenger cell.

TRANSMISSION: Straight-cut gearbox with very tall final drive ratio.

SUSPENSION: Hi-Lo adjustable suspension and uprated dampers.

BRAKES: Non-servo-assisted setup. Discs up front, drums rear.

WHEELS AND TYRES: 12-inch steel wheels with home-made moon discs, Yokohama A048 165/55×12 tyres – 150mph speed rated tyres.
For 2016 these have been shaved by Nate Jones Tires and are now rated at 180mph.

INTERIOR: Stripped with Bonneville-spec rollcage, built-in fire extinguisher system. Standard battery position. GPS tracking equipment.

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  1. So sorry to hear we won’t be seeing you this August, and uniquely unfortunate in that it would likely have been the only time in history when 2 short-stroke 1 liter A series engines would have competed at Bonneville in the same year.

    To make matters worse for me, I’ll be building a 1 liter K series next year, and won’t be back until 2016.

    Press on, boys – that Mini is a monster, and we’re cheering you on.

  2. Hey, Mike, Team ’64 –

    Good thing you stayed home for Speedweek – a complete rain-out this year.

    BUT –

    World of Speed proved fortuitous for the Midget – 122.539 for a stock body and a 5 port 999 cc A-series, taking the 22 year old I/GT record from an alloy block, DOHC Abarth.

    62 years along, and the A-series is still setting records. Take that, Small Block Chevy!

    It’s your turn next year, guys! See you on the salt!

    Chris Conrad


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