Project ’64 Mini

If you’ve ordered anything from our store in the last few days it could get held up or cancelled. We’re sorry about this but after years of using a similar design on CafePress, they have decided for some unknown reason that us saying ‘mini’ and ‘bonneville’ are copyright infringements and have made some of our designs that use those words unavailable. Bonneville is a place name so there is definitely no infringement there and we have MINI’s permission to say ‘mini’ and ‘MINI’ and ‘Cooper’ on our merchandise. CafePress know this but aren’t responding to our emails and when we call they say they can’t help. They’ve also put a hold on the Mini/Bluebird illustration design but will not tell us why.

We’re looking for a new provider so if you have any suggestions please let us know!
In the meantime we suggest you hold back ordering anything from the store. Thanks for your understanding!


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