Size isn’t everything, but it helps.

Mike did this graphic for us a while back as an idea for a t-shirt. It shows very clearly the massive size difference between our wee Cooper and Donald Campbell’s Bluebird-Proteus CN7. To illustrate the difference: Bluebird’s wheels were 52 inch, while ours are 12. It’s a reasonable comparison in some ways – both were conceived in the 1950’s and built in the early 1960’s – and both are wheel driven land speed record cars. We don’t claim to have achieved anything close to what Bluebird did, but it’s interesting to see them side by side. Bluebird was designed for one thing – to propel one man to 500mph/800kph whereas our wee beast started life as a sporty all rounder, much more at home in the middle of a tight corner than in a straight line and seating for 5, well, 4 if you wanted to be comfortable.
No-one ever claimed we were smart. : ]
From Instagram:

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