Salt wisdom: tread slows you down.

Strictly speaking, our little mini should have 10 inch wheels, but it’s hard (almost impossible) to get tyres rated to 150mph for 10 inch wheels, so we compromised and run it on 12 inch steel rims and Yokohama A048 165/55×12 tyres. In 2012, that suited us fine – on paper we were going to top out at 150mph (in reality we topped out at 161mph) – but this year we are planning to go faster than that so we need a higher speed rating. That’s not easy to find off the shelf unless you go to a bigger size wheel or start shopping at… The simple solution is to have the tyres shaved by Nate Jones Tires. As a result we’ll be running baby smooth Yokos with a speed rating of 180mph that will have the bonus of lower rolling resistance. From Instagram:

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