There’s a lot of waiting at Bonneville Speed Week. You queue for your track – normally one of four, short to long – in the hot sun, until eventually you reach the front of the queue. Once the competitor in front of you starts the run you wait for the starter’s call on when to start your engine and then once they hear on their radio that the track is clear, they wave you on your way. At the end of the run, the driver swings off onto the return road and shuts it down. Then it’s a wait for the lumbering push vehicle to catch up – it’s limited to 55mph so it can be a while before they get there. After that, a quick chat, then a tow to collect the timing ticket. If all went well, you went faster than the record, so the car is taken to impound for a wait overnight before you can make a record run. If not, it’s straight back to the end of the queue for another wait.
From Instagram: http://ift.tt/29EwueF

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