We’re all go.

In the last few days we’ve received some excellent news: Speed Week is on.

You may recall there have been concerns about the quality of the Salt surface on the Bonneville Salt Flats since last year’s cancellation of Speed Week. Last week the organisers announced that there is enough quality salt surface to open three tracks at Bonneville Speedway this coming August. That’s all the encouragement we need.

So what’s next? Our Mini Cooper S has been in storage in California since last year’s cancellation so when we arrive in LA early August, our first job will be to dust her off and get her prepped for racing. Next there’s a 1000+ km drive north to Wendover, Utah where the real fun begins.

Speed Week runs from 13 to 19 August and we aim to be racing every day. This year we’re hoping to break two records – our own existing one of 146.6mph in the I/BGCC class and after some slight alterations to the Mini another class which we’ll tell you more about closer to the time.

If you want to keep up with the action this year you will have a number of ways:
Website: project64mini.com 
Facebook: @project64mini 
Twitter: @project64mini
Instagram: @project64mini
YouTube: Search project 64 mini
And we’ll aim to do a daily wrap up of events via this newsletter too.
Last time connectivity was a bit erratic so please bear with us if there are quiet patches!

Lastly you’ll see our email address is a bit different – this is because newsletters like this don’t really work with Gmail addresses anymore so one of our sponsors, Cartel Works, has very kindly lent us an email address: project64mini@cartel.works – you can still reach us at projectsixtyfour@gmail.com though.

We’ll leave you with some recent photos from the Salt, courtesy of the Southern Californian Timing Association. It’s looking great out there.


sponsors line MINI 2016 600px wide


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