Now heading to the Salt in 2015

Unfortunately, we have bad news. We have decided, due to a number of factors beyond our control and one major one in particular, that we will have to postpone our Bonneville Speed Week record attempt until 2015.

As you may appreciate, developing a vehicle like ours to reliably produce sufficient power to attempt to break a record as high as the one we set in 2012 takes a great deal of work and input in terms of expertise and specialist parts (as well as support from generous people like you). Unfortunately, we have been let down (despite their best efforts) by a UK supplier of one, crucial, specially designed and ordered component for our engines. Without this we run the risk of travelling the 12000km to Bonneville only to fail within the first few runs, letting both you and our sponsors down.

We realise it is over 2 and half months until Speed Week, but once the engines are built we still have to do a great deal of dyno work tuning and testing the motors and then ship the car. We have simply run out of time, especially if we allow for customs delays.

We’re very sorry to have to make this announcement and we’re aware that we are letting you down by doing so. We’re just very much aware, especially now we’ve been to the Salt once, how important it is for us to put the car in the container knowing we have done all the development and tuning to the best of our ability and that to the best of our knowledge the car won’t fail.

We hope to be more active here on Facebook over the next 12 months and hope that you’ll stick with us as we head to Speed Week 2015.


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