T-shirts now available!

Available NOW—Project ’64 T-shirts.

Here’s an easy and rewarding way to help get us back to Bonneville in 2014.

Your very own Project ’64 ‘Job Done’ t-shirt. It’s almost identical to the team shirts we wore in 2012 but we’ve added the record and the top speed we acheived.

Right now, we’ve got stock of about 45 ‘Job Done’ T-shirts in black (Men’s small to XL).

After that, and any other colour, is an order. We’ll be trying to order in batches, but as often as possible, so that we keep the set-up costs to a minimum—every dollar we save gets us a little bit closer to Bonneville in 2014!

All the money is being handled by our local Mini Club—Minis in Nelson Inc (M.I.N.I.).

We’ve set up postage rates for every country that our fans on Facebook come from but if you need rates for another country please message us and we’ll set it up right away.

Thanks heaps for your support!

Get them here (link).

Or here on Facebook (link).


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